10 Best Ever Shoulder Workouts for Men

shoulder workouts

Though every part of our body is important, do you know that our shoulder is the most used part of the upper body? So we should make it more powerful to handle all our work with ease. For every man, it is very important to develop a shoulder as they also look hot in it. So if you ready to workout on your shoulder, it’s the perfect time you should get an idea of some of the best shoulder workouts for men that will work magically to develop a better and powerful shoulder.

Understanding the Anatomy:

Before you roll yourself on various workouts, the primary thing is that you should understand the anatomy of your shoulder. Basically, there are three parts of your shoulder on in precise three muscles in your shoulder. Lateral Deltoid, Posterior Deltoid, and Anterior Deltoid. Remember that you will have to focus on three of them as is any of the single remains undeveloped, you will feel a painful experience. So let’s see how we can do it.

Best Ever Shoulder Workouts for Men

Military Press:

You can start with Military Press as it is one of the best and effective workouts for shoulders. It focuses on the deltoid and involves the other two muscles at the same time. The injury risk is all less in this exercise. You can do it in both positions standing or sitting. Start the workout by placing the barbell on your chest height and then grasp the barbell rod with your palms facing forward. Keep your grip wider than the shoulder width. Now slightly bend your knees if standing and place the barbell on your collarbone. Take a back step and position your feet a shoulder width apart from each other and lift the bar up locking your arms. Hold in this position and then lower the barbell slowly as you inhale. Again push up the bar as you exhale. Repeat it as recommended.

Seated Dumbbell Press:

Sit straight on a bench and grab a pair of a dumbbell with both your hands. Grab the rotate your palms forward and start the exercise by exhaling and pushing the dumbbells up until your arms are straight. Hold in that position and then slowly put down your hands to the starting position as you inhale. Repeat it for 10 times.

Standing Dumbbell Fly:

Stand straight and hold a dumbbell on both your hands. Now without rising the body, swing the weights up a few inches to form an upside down V shape. Now slowly come back to the starting position. Do the whole exercise slowly to get better results. Your hands will move like you are flying.

Trap Raise:

For this, you will need a bench that put to low incline. Now lie chest down on the bench with dumbbells in each hand and your palms facing inside. Retract your shoulder blades and then raise the weight straight out and do it till your arms are parallel to the floor. Hold in that position and again come back to the resting position. This is how you should do the exercise for a better effect.

Band Lateral Raise:

Now after some hectic workouts, you will need something smooth for a bit rest. This exercise you will have to do standing. Take two bands and step on the free ends of each band with the opposite foot so that you can form ‘X’ with the bands. See the photo as it is shown there. Now slowly raise your arms 90 degrees out to both the sides until it gets parallel to the floor. Again slowly come back to the starting position. Repeat the whole exercise for a couple of times.