10 of The Most Expensive Cologne You Must Smell In This Year

most expensive cologne

most expensive cologne

Being a male you can’t disagree that you don’t want to smell good. It is also a part of the styling statement. Though the smell is not at all associated with your overall look, it’s one of the vital factor playing on your image. So in other words, it is important to smell good. But when it comes to perfumes, it comes to luxury and if you have a fascination for it, you know what can happen. Here we will be giving a close focus on the most expensive cologne for this year that you can’t miss out. But yes, they are really expensive. Even if you are not planning to buy them one right one, knowing their names don’t cost you money but a little time.

Most Expensive Colognes You Must Smell In This Year

Annick Goutal’s Eau D’Hadrien:

Talking about this cologne, it is an exclusive choice for every man with a very spicy and musky smell that will be making your every presence a special one. If you are a subtle kind of man with a choice of fresh look and attitude, this amazing bottle of cologne is ultimate selection for your personality. But fascinatingly, all of this comes in a package of $1500. This will remind you of the ripe fruit smell all around your environment.

Gucci Pour Homme:

Yes, by the name you can get the brand and there is hardly much to say about them. You know almost everything about this brand and their quality of products. First of all, we must say that this cologne is the cheapest in our list but in quality, you will find nothing cheap in it. If you a trendy guy, we must say that you shouldn’t miss it. And you every impression is important to make it special with this amazing selection. So the Gucci Pour Homme bottle comes at a rate of $50.

One Million by Paco Rabanne:

Think of those romantic winter evenings and this one is a perfect addition to it. So don’t let anymore winter evening pass without this One Million bottle. The name is a perfect match and it’s one in a million. It costs around $65 but the complete punch of rose, mint, blood mandarin and cinnamon combined with the smell of ripe grapefruit. Isn’t that a great spicy and citric extravaganza? Yes, it a must experience cologne for every man with a masculine touch. And you must know it is one of the most popular cologne choices of men around the world.

Ambre Topkapi:

Getting a view of the bottle, you will smell something antique and classic in it and yes, it is from all aspects. This fragrance was created by Pierre Bourdon a French perfumer who mixed strong spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg with grapefruit, lavender, and pineapple. So can you just imagine the smell? But it doesn’t end here. There’s an amazing feature about this cologne. When you apply it, in the beginning, it will give a very strong smell but as long as it lasts, the smell automatically blends into a woody and light smell that gives an absolute sensation of manliness. You can get a bottle of Ambre Topkapi at a price of $610.

Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb:

Each and every day, this amazing cologne is growing its demand among the modern men. First of all, if you see the container, which is designed according to a grenade, it will make you crazy about this perfume and it is completely out of the box among all in this list. But as the name goes, this perfume is a real blast of freshness and magnificent smell. You will be getting this perfume under $100. So, men, you can’t miss that.

Serge Lutens Borneo Cologne for Men:

In the beginning, this perfume was considered unisex and was hugely popular, but with time, it has been completely transferred into a men’s perfume and it comes within a range of $135. It is famous for its spicy smell that is created mixing up cocoa, cardamom, galbanum, patchouli, French labdanum and white flowers. The only special thing about this composition is the addition of cocoa and patchouli and you will hardly get this combination in any other perfume.

Clive Christian No.1:

Now by its name, it seems really royal, by its look it gives you a kingly feel, and by its price, you may get a shock and by its smell, you may get goosebumps. Actually, this perfume is made up of the rarest items gathered from all over the world. This is the only reason this smell is so exclusive. This cologne is for the men who lead a very luxurious life. Now, another reason for such a price is that the container is made of fine crystals and the bottleneck is made up of pure gold. Even in the gold inset, you will get a five-karat diamond attached to it.

Clive Christian No.1 Imperial Majesty perfume:

Some people still consider it as the costliest perfume in the world as the price is really unbelievable. It’s $2,15,000 and can you imagine that? Actually, the aroma of this rare perfume is really exquisite and loaded with a great charm. The neck of the bottle is embellished with 5 Carat white stones and neckline is made up of 18 Carat gold. So just stop and think twice about it. It even feels great to think about it.

Baccarat Les LarmesSacrees de Thebes:

Perhaps you have heard the name of Baccarat. They are one of the most luxurious crystal makers in the world. Yes, this perfume is introduced by Baccarat and it costs about $6800 per ounce. This perfume was released in the year 1998 and from then it has gained a huge popularity among the rich class perfume lovers. It comes with one of the rarest and exclusive smell which is the main reason behind its cost.

Chanel Grand Extrait:

Having a look at the bottle, you may get a feel of classic traditional touch. Giving the introduction, first, we should say that this perfume was created by one and only Ernest Beaux, who is widely popular all over the world for his imaginative creations. This perfume costs near about $4200 per ounce. The main ingredient of this perfume is Rose and Jasmine. The main factor that determines the price of this cologne is the originality.

So it costs to smell good and that’s the only tagline we can think of at the end of this article. Perfumes are one of the most costly items in this world. If you possess a love for perfumes, then you should obviously feel proud about it. These most expensive colognes are really valuable to treasure. So at least once, in your lifetime you should dream to try them out.