40 Lucky Long Hairstyles for Men to Try This Year

The man bun is a hairstyle that has been in fashion for a long time, you must have seen male models rocking this bun at the runway. This particular hairstyle got pretty popular very quickly and so have these new long hairstyles for men. These hairstyles tend to give the person a quite hot look and these hairstyles are preferred by many people. Who says man can’t wear such hairstyles? The man buns, along with these long hairstyles tend to suit men extremely well. From actors to wrestlers, to common people, men prefer having such hairstyles as these hairstyles tend to give them a quite smoldering look!

long hairstyles men

Lucky Long Hairstyles for Men to Try This Year

mens long hairstyles

Who said only ladies could rock front bangs?

mens long haircuts

Men love to grow out their hair as well!

long hairstyles for mens

Don’t such hairstyles look good on men!

long haircuts for mens

The most popular hairstyle on screen! You can even braid your hair!

long hairstyles for men with thick hair

A messy bed hair look for you to copy!

long haircuts for men with thick hair

Many men prefer having such long hair as well!

johnny depp semi long hairstyles

Even you can rock a Johnny Depp hairstyle like this!

boy with long hairstyles

Get yourself long front bangs and choppy layers at the back!

long hairstyles for boys

Don’t hairstyles like these give you a smoldering look!

long haircuts

You can wear your hair like this.

men long hairstyles

Man bun? Pfft, man braids are the new trend to follow nowadays!

boy with long hair

Get your hair layered up and give yourself a hot look!

mens long hairstyles with braid

Who said Dutch braids look good only on women?

men long curly haircuts

Damn those curly locks!

boy long hairstyles

You can even get highlights done on the tips of your hair!

men long hair with long pony

The sleeked back long pony tail is back into fashion!

guy with double pony tail hairstyle

You can even rock the two pony tails fashion!

long hair men in wedding

Hairstyles like this make one look quite debonair!

korean long hair male

Hairstyle like these make one look quite cute!

hairstyles for teenage guy with long hair

A common hairstyle seen at the Grammys!

hairstyles for men with long hair

The man bun makes one look quite hot and stylish!

mohawk braid for men

You can even wear a Dutch braid bun!

mens long curly hairstyles

Rock half updos on a normal day like today!

men with long haircuts

Such hairstyles tend to suit a lot of men and gives them quite a mature look.

mens semi long hairstyles

An old but popular hairstyle to copy!

hairstyles for long hair men

Even you can grow out your hair just like this!

long hairstyles men

One of the most preferred hairstyles!

long hairstyles for boys

Wavy blonde locks tend to look great!

mens long hairstyles with beard

If this hairstyle doesn’t look hot then what does! This hairstyle is considered to be the most popular hairstyle on the runway as well!

christian hemsworth long hairstyle

Christian Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, Jonny Depp – they have all been there!

mens long hairstyle bun

A half updo bun keeps the hair away from the face and gives a quite hot look as well!

professional long hairstyles male

This hairstyle has been in fashion for a very long time!

mens long curly hairstyles

Wear your hair down and showoff those curly locks!

mens long haircuts with bun and beard

A hairstyle which makes girls go mad!

black guy long haircuts

Hairstyles like these look good with every outfit!

mens haircut long with bun

A hair look that can be worn on a regular day!

men's professional long hairstyles

Doesn’t this hairstyle give one a mature and gentlemen look!

mens long hairstyle with bun for wedding

A hairstyle that is pretty common at the award shows!

guy bun long hairstyle

Wear your hair in a bun on a hot day.

mens hairstyles long

Hairstyles like these give off mysterious vibes!

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