10 Best Running Watches for Men

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Time has gone when your wristwatch was only there to tell you the time. Modern-day wrist watch comes with many more outstanding features that you have never even thought of. Yes, technology is turning smarter day by day and we are being served with attractive features. For the fitness freak guys, running watches hold a great significance as it comes loaded with lot more functionality which makes many complex tasks easier with a click. Actually, it’s very important to monitor your regular fitness activities and with that, you can understand how much you need for yourself. But today’s running watches are really crazy. They can do a lot more things from your wrist. Get an idea about the best of them.

Best Running Watches for Men

best running watches

Garmin Forerunner Series:

You may have heard about this watch series before if you have at least a bit of idea about running watches. This series is presently very popular and regarded as one of the most useful ones. These series watches are so smart that they can track everything and give you a printed statistical data for your help. It also alarms you about the number of calories burnt and continuously calculates them during the workouts. Apart from all these, you can even access your text message, call and email notifications that come to your smartphone.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch:

Are you looking for a watch with an extra large display? Yes, here it is. But actually, this extra large display is also loaded with some extra features. It shows your running stats, distance and runs time all at the same time in a high resolution. There is a one button control that helps in easy access of every function and a very new feature which they call it QuickGPSFix, allows your watch to find the precise location quickly to start your run.

Nike+ Sports Watch GPS:

Now this one is something fantastic. Even if your GPS signal gets interrupted, you don’t have to get confused. This running watch will still show you everything. it will show you accurate speed and distance. Even it tracks your heart rate, calories, and your routes. You can set run reminders on this watch to avoid any miss of your regular run.

Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch:

If you are looking for a smartwatch that makes your life a lot easier, this is the one that will best suit your choice. This stylish sports watch tracks all your running activity and other information with an ease. It is available in different color options and is completely water resistant. It can even track your sleep and monitor your daily activities and exercises. So you can call it your 24×7 fitness friend.

Garmin Vivoactive:

Garmin Vivoactive is a lightweight all in one device with a smart and thin look. It tracks all your runs, calls, texts, calendars and emails. You can also get an access to all your social media apps from this watch. The battery back up of this device is also great and has a standby of about 3 weeks. You can wear it comfortably all the day without any discomfort.

Fitbit Charge 2:

Some people love to stick with something minimal and for them here is a perfect option. This Fitbit charge 2 running watch comes with a very sleek design unlike the others and uses your phone to track the GPS. It smartly tracks your sleep and wakes you up with a vibrating alarm that will not even disturb your bed partner. Maybe it’s not a conventional running watch but can still do all the jobs smartly. It also gives notification all through the day to keep you fit in every step. Bonus! It can also track your stress level taking account of your breathing sessions.

Timex Ironman GPS:

Timex is always known for its range of running watches and this time we will be talking about the Timex Ironman GPS watch. It looks very simple but not that simple in terms of feature. You can connect it to your phone and get all the notifications. Though the company claims it as the simplest GPS phone ever. It gives a 12-hour battery backup and you will have to charge it with a USB cable.

Pebble 2 + Heart Rate:

First of all we must mention that this watch doesn’t have an inbuilt GPS feature but it is loaded with other different features that make a great buy. It is a thing lightweight smartwatch that has a heart rate monitor to keep you fit. You have to connect it with a phone app to track your GPS. It has also some other features like phone notifications, music controls, and step tracking. You can even respond to your texts, from this watch.

Suunto Spartan Ultra:

You can say it something more than a running watch. You can use it to track almost everything in you. This extremely versatile device is large in size with a bit of weight. But loaded with some awesome features that can even help you find your points of interest or even your home. It gives you a well-detailed statistics and even pictures of every lap you complete. Even it can help you find the best places near you to run.

Apple Watch 3:

The last one is from the house of apple and we must say, once you use it, you will be falling in love with it. It is designed with a lot of care and one of its kind that Apple usually makes. This Apple Watch 3 is loaded with almost all the features that you need in a running watch. You can play music, you can check your heart rate stats, exercises and set your daily goals. It’s really really smart from its side.

The advancement of day to day technology makes our life a lot easier. Running watches are something that we can easily call as a fitness friend. So tie it on your wrist and your running watch will make everything much easier so that you can concentrate on your workouts. These best line of running watches will give you the most delightful experience.